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Your event in the King Baudouin Stadium/Nelson Mandela Centre

  • A work meeting?
  • A workshop?
  • A cocktail reception?
  • Team building?
  • A product presentation?
  • A press conference?
  • A staff day?

→ Nothing is impossible at the King Baudouin Stadium or Nelson Mandela Centre. Let your imagination run wild and come and leave your mark on the Stadium!

In these two brochures you will find all the information about the different venues in the King Baudouin Stadium and in the Nelson Mandela Centre.

Brochure 1 ↓

Brochure 2 ↓

Martin Fabre

T : 0032 2 474 39 46

Virtual visit

From now on you can visit all the venues in the King Baudouin Stadium and the Nelson Mandela Sports Centre virtually!

Enjoy and hopefully see you soon for your event at this unique location!
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